Trip Journals


These are the journals I kept of my various trips. Various other trips have not been recorded, for fear of the jurisdiction of foreign governments. Some of these, in fact, contain blatantly amerciable acts, and I only hope that my use of the word 'amerciable' will muffle the imprudence, in the eyes of prospective employers, and the wiretaps of federal investigators.

Europe, 2006

After working in the US for a year, I took off an entire year for travelling. I visited England, Ireland, Germany, Italy, using Spain as my base camp. In between, I went back to Cape Town for 3 months, which was not recorded.

Southern Africa, 2007

In the middle of 2007, I organized two Bajaj Pulsar Dts-i 180cc motorbikes, and my father and I went on a road trip to Victoria Falls. It took 40 days, and we visited SA, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and back to SA. The article I wrote about it was published in BikeSA, and on the South African importer of Bajaj's website.

Western United States, 2008

In the middle of northern summer, 2008, I went on a road trip with my friend Andy to see Yellowstone, and all the Western states that we hadn't seen. We went through California, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Nevada.

Southern United States, 2008

A few weeks later, I went on another road trip with my friend Megan to see New Orleans and everything in between. We went through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana, mostly on the I-10.

Hiking in the Sierras, 2008

A few weeks later, I hiked with Charles, Sev and Ted through a small part of the Yosemite valley. We have done lots of hikes like this, but I have only recorded this one, which was more interesting than most because of the bushwacking, injuries and mosquito swarms.

Southern America, 2009

3 months from the middle of April to July, I travelled through South America, originally with the intention of seeing all of Argentina, but changing plans in order to see Bolivia and Chile. I did not have time to see Iguazu falls, or any of Peru, which was a shame.

India, 2010

I went with Aurora around India for 100 days, during the late monsoon season in India. It was a long trip, so the journal is quite a big read. We travelled by train, bus, rickshaw, taxi, ferry and plane.